Explore, nas listas a seguir, simuladores de laboratórios, demonstrações de experimentos, recursos, planos de ensino, jogos educativos e vídeo aulas.

AACT (American Association of Chemistry Teachers) Activities, animations, projects, simulations, and videos for middle school, high school, and Advanced Placement/general chemistry Gratuito Acessar
ACS - Virtual Chemistry and Simulations large number of linked resources Gratuito Acessar
Chem Doodle Chemical Drawing, Publishing and Informatics. Gratuito Acessar
Chemagic Simulations and model builder Gratuito Acessar
ChemCollective - CMU Gather clues - Interview suspects - Analyze evidence - Solve a mysterious death Gratuito Acessar
ChemCollective CMU Virtual Labs and Simulations Gratuito Acessar
ChemReaX (LibreTexts) Web App for modeling and simulating chem reactions Gratuito Acessar
ChemSims Evidence based assignments to support several online simulations from PhET and Pearson Gratuito Acessar
Ck-12 Explroation Series Easy to use simulations and walkthroughs Gratuito Acessar
EduMedia Simulations by subject Gratuito Acessar
EduWebLabs Online laboratory - guides for students beside simulator (labs, exercises, drills, tutorials) Gratuito Acessar
Gen Chem Interactive Simulations Simulations by textchapters Gratuito Acessar
Gen Chem online Simulations (from J Wiley and Sons) Electrolyte Solution Simulation Gratuito Acessar
Gizmos Online simulations with instructor guides, prompts for students Gratuito Acessar
GoREACT Museum of Science+Industry, Chicago Mobile app to create own virtual chem reactions Gratuito Acessar
Labflow by Catalyst ( COVID -19 Contingency Lab Course) Ready to implement guided Lab Simulations on select topics with questions and Lab reports on Labflow platform. Gratuito Acessar
Labster simulations + short lesson/learning objectives Gratuito Acessar
Learn Genetics Interactive techniques labs, online lessons in genetics, cell biology, evolution, human health, plants, neuroscience, ecology Gratuito Acessar
MIT OpenCourseWare Digital Lab Techniques Manual Videos of common chemistry laboratory techniques Gratuito Acessar
Molecular Workbench Simulations + lesson guides for students Gratuito Acessar
Phet Interactive Simulations Simulations + faculty resources: activites, questions to ask students Gratuito Acessar
Resources by Prof Gary L Bertrand - Simulated Experiments section List of simulated experiments, self-tests and tutorials Gratuito Acessar
Royal Society of Education Titration Screen Experiment Gratuito Acessar
Virtual Chemistry Experiments Effect of Temp; Joule Experiment; molecular and atomic structure Gratuito Acessar
Wiley Plus Has interactive materials for many subjects including LMS integration Gratuito se usado devido a interrupções de coronavírus Acessar
ChemMixLab   Gratuito Acessar
List of free resources compiled by Stacey Lowry Bretz Download a list of URLs to online animations, videos, simulations, & demos that many talented people (these are not my intellectual property) have created in the the chem ed and biochem ed communities. I’ve created this collated list to support colleagues as we move to #remoteinstruction #online learning. Gratuito Acessar
NC State Undergraduate Organic Chemistry Teaching Laboratories - S.M.A.R.T. Lab Videos Lab videos that demonstrate organic chemistry lab techniques. Resource also contains some organic chemistry concept videos. Gratuito Acessar
OrgChem 101 Learning Lab set of learning modules that provide students with structured guidance to explore organic chemistry concepts. Modules provide metacognitive support, interactive instructional videos, animations, and activities that promote the mastery of concepts, provide feedback, and link to real-world contexts. Gratuito Acessar
MacMillan Learning Majors Biology & Chemistry Gratuito Acessar
Nanome (Nano Me) VR Molecular Exploration & Design, VR calculus visualizations Gratuito Acessar