Explore, nas listas a seguir, simuladores de laboratórios, demonstrações de experimentos, recursos, planos de ensino, jogos educativos e vídeo aulas.

Earthquake Simulator Manipulate length, depth and slip, then predict magnitude and experiment Gratuito Acessar
EduMedia Simulations by subject Gratuito Acessar
EduWebLabs Online laboratory - guides for students beside simulator (labs, exercises, drills, tutorials) Gratuito Acessar
Finding Lab Activities Online A list of online courses/laboratories to teach geology Gratuito Acessar
Geology Lab Study Materials A handful of virtual labs with fillable worksheets/lab reports Gratuito Acessar
Geology Online Labs Curricula with virtual earthquake, dating and river Gratuito Acessar
Gizmos Online simulations with instructor guides, prompts for students Gratuito Acessar
Jules Verne Voyager manipulate maps of the world to view different features Gratuito Acessar
NOVA interactives Interactive modules for many subjects (and videos) Gratuito Acessar
PHET Interactive Simulations Simulations + faculty resources: activites, questions to ask students Gratuito Acessar
Virtual Microscope Our virtual microscope collections include a full range of rock types native to Earth and beyond. To these we have added minerals and a Cabinet of Curiosities. Gratuito Acessar